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What kind of things do they ask you? There are a quite a few things they usually ask about; about Bond, of course, where I played the helicopter pilot in The Spy Who Loved Me. Did you get tired of seeing yourself everywhere? Did you develop other leading roles in the period where you were the lead in Maniac and Starcrash? Yes, there were a number of projects that I was put forward for, a number of scripts.

One that I was very keen on was a pirate film, where I would have played a pirate myself. It was a terrific script but it never actually got off the ground in that period. It was made many years later…what was it called? Cutthroat Island …? With Geena Davis. The original script was a lot different to what they made with Geena Davis.

caroline munro interview

I heard that you turned down Vampirella in the early s? Yes, I was offered that from an Italian studio. Ad — content continues below. Was it a bad script? And of course, there was also the Modesty Blaise script, and that would have been a very interesting project.

What was it like having Christopher Lee bite your neck in Dracula A. Chris is a really nice man, and I loved doing the film. It was a lot of fun, I thought, quite light really, with all that kind of hippy clothing and so on; I thought it was terrific. What were your favourites among your own performances?

What genre is it? A thriller. Caroline Munro has an official site, and you can find it here. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Skip to main content area. By December 4, Share on Facebook opens in a new tab Share on Twitter opens in a new tab Share on Linkedin opens in a new tab Share on email opens in a new tab Comments count: 0. We would like to have seen you in more roles since the mids… Well I do actually have a film coming up shortly, I hope.She has wrestled with mythological monsters, attempted to exterminate James Bond and his underwater supercar, and has even sailed the seven seas with Sinbad on a Golden Voyage.

She is the vivacious Caroline MunroHollywood legend, model and trustee of the Ray Harryhausen foundation. The screen siren shot to fame in The Golden Voyage of Sinbadthe second of three incredible Sinbad fantasy films produced by screen veteran Charles H.

Schneer and featured the genre-defining stop-motion creature effects of Hollywood titan, the great Ray Harryhausen. Munro was cast as the vivacious slave girl Margiana, a charming love interest to star alongside the heroic sailor.

Once there, the duo finds themselves enslaved by the race of barbaric cavemen that rule the isolated world. During their incarceration, they meet Princess Dia, the rightful ruler of the kingdom who has also been enslaved by their prehistoric overlords. With the help of McClure and Cushing, Princess Dia overthrows their animalistic oppressors and restores peace and prosperity to the land of Pellucidar. It was these incredible roles and a highly successful advertising campaign that attracted the producers of the James Bond franchise who swiftly offered Munro a part alongside Roger Moore in the spy adventure, The Spy Who Loved Me.

A consistent string of horror movies with Munro appearing frequently in the British Hammer Horror franchise followed before she gradually moved into television work, and in later years became a patron of the Ray Harryhausen foundation.

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Comic-Con is extraordinary. Caroline: I loved it. I used to go to work with a smile on my face because they were wonderful actors, also beautiful human beings and I had such a brilliant time. His loss was terrible, we were like the three musketeers. Phil: Your role demanded you to wear a very revealing outfit, did that make you feel uncomfortable on set?

But it was in the winter…which was tough. Caroline: One of the moments I remember was when Doug and I had to fight the fiery beastie…the one that squirted fire from its mouth. So, what happened was, we did the flames and the fiery beastie, and the flames were so extreme that we yelled real screams, with a real fire that missed us by inches. So, I remember Peter steps in with his bow and arrow and shoots the fiery beastie. How does it feel to be a part of that exclusive club?

Caroline: I tell you what, I loved my time with Roger, and Richard Kiel and Curt Jurgens and Lewis Gilbert director and that was an amazing time, but I also love the fact that when there are various shows like this with the Bond women, the Bond women are amazing.

We adore each other. We have a great big project in Scotland and they have just returned from an exhibition at the San Diego Comic-Con and it went really well. Phil: And finally, which film from your list of credits is your favourite and why? I loved Captain Kronos, it was shot outside, naturalistic and Brian Clemens was directing.

It was just brilliant. Even though their paths crossed just the once, Harryhausen left a lasting impression on her and her love of his work has prompted her to become a trustee with his foundation. She is a consummate professional, a lovely person and a passionate supporter of what she believes in.

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It is professionals like her that we should treasure. Having been a fan of her work since childhood, I went into this interview with no preconceptions of how she would conduct herself and was blown away by her humbling honesty and charming personality.

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Worth a read for fans of pulp-influenced films! Phil: The comradery between you really shines through on film. The crew were like…are you sure?Belle: Hi everyone! And it will be out on iTunes and cd for folks. Belle : Thank you! And with my lovely, lovely friend Martine Beswick. And such a great cast!

Mark : Hunt Valley, MD. Caroline : Oh goodness, I sound daft! But we had a wonderful time doing this and it was amazing working with you lot. And at the moment, we are playing opposites. I am so thrilled to be doing this actually. Mark : Actually you do have a scene coming up together. Mark : You have one. Caroline and Martine: Yes! Caroline : And Martine is such an magnificent Baddie! Belle : Yes, you are such a good bad guy.

It is amazing. Caroline : She has! You do it well! Jekyll and Sister Hyde and I did all the killing. I have no idea how to do it except, when I hear words, my camera goes off.Watch the video. To always display TV and movie credits separately, edit your site preferences. Sign In. Caroline Munro Actress Soundtrack. Up 84 this week. Leggy, brunette-maned pin-up actress Caroline Munro was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England, and lived in Rottingdean near Brighton where she attended a Roman Catholic convent school.

By chance, her mother and a photographer entered her picture in a "Face of the Year" competition for the British newspaper The Evening News and won. This led to Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:. Our Favorite Vampires. Sources of Inspiration. Best Dracula Portrayal. The House of Horror Alumni. Do you have a demo reel?

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How much of Caroline Munro's work have you seen? Known For. Maniac Anna D'Antoni. Slaughter High Carol. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad Margiana. Evil Priestess. Girl in Picture uncredited. Captain Latour. Phibes Victoria Regina Phibes uncredited. Madame Vendonne.

Passion Short Extra uncredited. Self - Guest. Psychotronic People Documentary Self - Actress. Self uncredited. Franco Self - Actress, 'Dracula A. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Self - Actress. Self - Actress, 'Captain Kronos'. Self - Co-Star, 'Maniac'.Could you tell us about Roger Moore both the actor and the man and what his main human qualities are? Roger is a very underestimated actor. He is also very self-deprecating, which he needn't be because he really is a good actor.

He's certainly a very generous actor and allows you to experiment, which is a wonderful quality to have and be able to share with others. He's not one of those actors that always feels like they have to be center stage and of course because of that being around him was so easy. He's such a good man - I really enjoyed working with him. Roger is also an extremely funny man with a wicked sense of humor.

I know that people on the set of Spy had great regard and respect for him. He is also extremely kind and is a great humanitarian - the incredible work he does for children through UNICEF is amazing. He is a great Ambassador for them. Roger is an uncomplicated man - he's what you see. He's certainly imposing physically but unaffected by his fame.

He's a very good man! Being on a set of a super production like "James Bond" with a big star and big personality like Roger Moore was a special experience in your career? It was a fantastic experience for me and I'm sure for any actor or actress to work on a Bond movie. To sum up my whole experience, using words from Spy, "nobody does it better! I have never been treated better - I was treated like royalty. Under Cubby Broccoli's wing we always felt like members of one big family and this continues today through his daughter, Barbara, who carries on the family tradition so superbly.

The only stories I have to tell would leave me blushing for telling them. They were naughty but nice. Although the stories are not suitable for print, suffice it to say I always had great fun on the set and Roger was always a true gentlemen.

What is your opinion? I know Roger loved that film. He was very happy with its result, as was I. I definitely think it was one of the better Bonds - Roger was superb in it.Jonathan Stryker pm Interviews. Acting in films for nearly four decades, she has amassed an impressive filmography of genre titles.

Caroline was able to take some time out of her traveling schedule and talk with me about her career. Jonathan Stryker: How did you end becoming an actress? Caroline Munro: I suppose really it was all by accident. So, it was quite hard — I struggled in school, you know, I went to school at a convent, which was taught by nuns and they were all very strict. I suppose they regarded me as a bit silly. I thought I was going to do art as art was something that I thought I could do better than other things.

And, I agreed, I said that that was fine.

caroline munro interview

I was about sixteen at the time. And he sent the photos to a newspaper in London. My mom knew that he did this because he needed her permission. There was a competition run by the photographer in the Sixties named David Bailey, who was wonderful.

So, the photograph won, I won and I became the face of the year. Soon after that, I began modeling and as a result of the modeling along came the acting, and the acting won out over the modeling because by the time I got around to doing Dracula A. I really knew that this was what I wanted to do. All my energy, drive and passion were channeled into acting. JS: One of my favorite directors is Gordon Hessler, who recently passed away.

What was your experience under his direction? CM: Oh, Gordon was wonderful to work for!Post a Comment. Munro began her career as a model in London. Success came fast, and she was modeling for Vogue Magazine by the time she was seventeen.

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This breakfast chat between Caroline Munro and me took place one chilly Sunday morning in April,at the Cinema Wasteland film expo in Ohio. It was early morning, the final day of a three-day fan convention.

Caroline Munro

The hotel dining room was just beginning to fill up with hungry celebrities and folks eager to get the day started.

After chatting about some future business, we turned the conversation to her early career and the vampire films she has appeared in. And it actually became a quite well-known and famous poster. Sort of a landmark poster, in so far as it was a first to have such an aggressive woman in it — the pose I mean. I was the first female to wear a wetsuit and a knife! It was a very aggressive ad to sell this rum, and apparently, so they say- Caroline breaks off in mid-story and her hazel eyes flash-she smiles.

The noise in the restaurant has increased. Constant clatter and buzz of voices as more people come in for breakfast — Caroline shrugs, almost imperceptibly, and continues.

caroline munro interview

Supposedly sales shot up. I did the campaign for twelve years. And in the meantime, Sir James Carreras had seen the poster. He used to travel up and down on the train and the poster was a massive great thing outside all the stations, you know, with me with this wetsuit on.

And he asked me in to go and do a reading, which I did. And I actually did a screen test, too. From that I was offered a contract. That was a little role.

caroline munro interview

So they offered me that, and that definitely was my turning point. Suddenly I thought, this is what I want to do. I absolutely know. And I loved it. A Golden Globe winner, she has since worked steadily in American television. MARK : Were the other actors kind, you being new to the scene?

They were absolutely great.

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